HALP my puppy has suddenly regressed to peeing in the house again?!

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My puppy is 8 months old. She has been toilet trained since 3 months old and hasn't had an accident in forever.

Until this week. Over the past week she has peed on the bedroom floor, on my sofa (twice) and on the living room floor multiple times.

She is refusing to pee outside, I will offer her to go out she will say no. So I take her outside she doesn't pee. Sometimes after refusing to go out she will eventually pee outside. But more and more she is refusing to pee just standing outside for ages and then when we come inside she pees on the floor??

Nothing has happened to scare her outside. The only change is that the weather has gone from sunny to heavy rain and she HATES rain but shes always gone to pee in it reluctantly.

Is this regression something that can happen in teenagehood??

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