Hackles up *only* after going to nap after dinner and walking (8pm). Hackles up at everything.

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dogtraining/comments/jvmo5z/hackles_up_only_after_going_to_nap_after_dinner/

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Okay wild ride. Dog is allergic to many things that recently exploded and he’s been itchy and sad. I don’t know if this correlated at all but background.

Over the course of a month my dog has been raising his hackles just cause. Only if he wakes up after going to sleep after his evening walk/dinner.

here his hackles are up (hard to see but there) he had just woken up barely to curl up tighter into a ball before falling asleep again. So like nothing triggered him. He was just napping. No noises he didn’t even open his eyes.

He also growled at me recently because I was trying to clean his ear within that period after waking and calling him over. So the hackles may or may not be correlated to/lead to growling. And he rarely to never growls. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Edit: he does have sleep startle. But his hackles will raise while fully awake during the period above

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