Got an australian shepherd mixed puppy and I need her to be good with my chickens

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Greetings all, I am seeking advice or tips for acclimating my new puppy to my pet chickens. She is pretty young, 5 weeks old, this is because her original owners weren’t taking too good care of the litter and gave lil girl to me when they thought she got sick. (Turns out she was just constipated) I want to know what to expect as she gets older.

Her mom is a spaniel mix of some kind (I think cavalier mixed with chihuahua) and the dad is an aussie or aussie mix possibly. The mom has visited my home before and she doesn’t pay my chickens any mind, despite not being raised with chickens. She’s very chill and laidback, just wants to be pet. I had an australian cattle dog when I was younger and I recall her being very intelligent, and also very chill with the birds. She was even good with baby chickies. I also have a chihuahua who doesn’t bother my birds either. With both dogs I just raised them alongside the chickens and they learned that the chickens peck so best not to bother them. A firm NO every now and then if they tried to bite or chase, they learned quick not to touch mama’s chickens.

But I’ve never had an aussie and I think I may have to observe more and train more than my old dog and my chihuahua. Today I observed lil girl following my banty rooster around the yard, no biting but I kept watch very close by to be sure. I know herding breeds have a tendency to nip or bite other creatures. She will definitely need lots of walks as she gets older and I have a big yard for her to play fetch.

I will say that I’ve begun crate training and she loves her crate already even at 5 weeks old. My chihuahua hated it so I’m really surprised lil girl has taken a liking to her crate. She goes right in to sleep every time.

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