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My 3 mo. old Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a little shark. When we first brought her home a month ago, she would bite and nip everything: hands, feet, and furniture. She has quite a lot of energy for a small package. Training her is proving to be quite the challenge as she will sometimes lunge for treats and nip at me during the process. We had attempted "stay" this morning but she was more interested in biting my arm, so I gave it a rest.

She took a nap and after a full day of play we tried the command again. She is just beginning to master it! I was starting to lose hope in my ability to teach her but I am so, so happy to see her prove me wrong. I can even start to walk around in front of her and she won't budge at all. She is such a smart girl. I was having the worst puppy blues this morning but here she goes, impressing me so much and wiping all of my anxiety away. I am so proud of her.

Puppy tax: 2 months old

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