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My pup just turned 7 months, and aside from some bouts of adolescent bratty behavior, he has been doing great. His leash manners have improved so much, he hasn't had an accident in months (knock on wood), he is good about settling in the house, and he has finished level 1 and 2 manners classes and does really well with commands. We have a nice routine and he seems like an all around happy pup.

I'd like to start giving him some extra freedoms that he hasn't had, like couch privileges and leaving him out of the crate for a few hours a day. I'm curious about when other people started extending privileges to their puppies. Is 7 months too early? Should I hold him to strict rules until he's closer to a year old? Could he regress? He sleeps in a crate at night, and I'm not planning to change that quite yet. He's my first puppy so I'm looking to learn from others' experiences.

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