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I have a three month old Mini American Shepherd who is getting pretty good at asking to go outside during the day. At night though, he still uses the pee pads in the room to do his business. How can I get him to go through the night without needing to use the pee pad? I know he’s still young and it might be a while before he can hold it all night, but any advice is welcome!

For a bit of context – I’ve just started crate training him in the day and he’s doing pretty well, but at night, he just sleeps on the carpet next to the bed. He wasn’t a fan of the crate the first week home, and he had a freak out in it the one day and overheated (the crate had a light sheet over it to calm him down and so he wouldn’t be distracted by anything) so I put the crate training on hold until now. Would him sleeping in the crate at night help him to learn to hold everything in?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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