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We just got a shepsky puppy and he’s 8 weeks and 4 days. We’re on our 3rd full day with him. Day 1 he was so good and took naps in his crate no problem and slept in there all night being let out to go to the bathroom and was fine. The second night we messed up and fed him some food he probably wasn’t ready for and he threw up a little in the crate so we moved him to the pen. He threw the rest of his stomach up in the pen but was comfortable after that so we let him finish out the night in there. Ever since then he’s been against going to his crate unless distracted by a treat or a toy and whines but is 100% fine being in his pen. He’ll be sleepy so we’ll move him to the crate and he’ll get up, walk to the pen, then crash. I know it’s suuuper early for us to have built any habits but I’m looking for any advice to get him comfortable with his crate again to at least take naps and sleep in. We have towels in the crate that we wiped on his liter mates and mother which helped at first but now he just chews on it like a toy. And advice for tips are welcome

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