Getting a puppy in 4 weeks. When to start training?

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So if things go as they should, I will be getting a 8 week old puppy in 4 weeks. I plan on starting crate training at night and while I'm at work as soon as I get her and giving her a few days to a week to start training her. Should I give her a week or longer or maybe even sooner than a week? Should I start with "look at me" or the very basic "sit"?

Main things I do want to focus on is leash walking, boarding away from home, and vet visits (including nail trim and ear cleans) since I am a kennel tech at a vet office that does boarding. Those are the main problems that stresses both the dogs and handlers.

Any tips would be great! This is my first dog that I will be raising with help from my boyfriend and I want to do it the best I can

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