German shepherd unprovokedly charges aggressively against a dog she has met twice

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Our 4 year old GSD girl has encountered a certain dog twice on her walks with mum. Both occasions she has barked like mad and charged towards the other dog. She's never acted quite like this towards other dogs. Does anyone have any ideas on why she does this / how we can train her to act calmer?

For some more background – she loves humans but she hasn't been well socialised with dogs. There are two dogs she has known for about two years that she gets along with. When she was younger, she was very happy to see other dogs and would be too pushy and get all up in their grill, smelling them all over, and the smaller dogs would bark to let her know "too close" and then our dog would respond aggressively in response. I think as a result she has internalised most dogs as being foes.

What can I do to train her? Ask a friend to let me borrow their poor mutt for my dog to practice proper social etiquette?

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