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Info before we start: A 1 year 7 month old dog. Attempting a new approach after a flawed past. I have a clicker and do basic training every day. I have some general questions on various topics:

When my dog whines/barks for my attention should I just ignore him until he's quiet and then reward him by giving him what he wants? Should I click when he's quiet or just give him what he wants as the reward?

Also how can I train him to go to the door when he wants to go outside? Or should I get a bell for this?

My dog sometimes barks when he hears dogs outside, sometimes he just completely ignores it. I played a sound of dogs barking when I was out on the front deck and he was inside. I blocked myself and my phone from his view and he started barking.

But later inside I was going to try to counter condition this by playing barking sounds in front of him, but he didn't care. I did have cheese with me as a high value treat so maybe that could be why he didn't care then? I had it on full volume and he didn't even perk up his ears.

Maybe he barked when I was on the deck because he didn't know it was from my phone. Any thoughts on this?

How many commands can I teach at once? Can I have a "sit" training session, and then later in the day a "leave it" training session? And then maybe a stay or down session? Or mix them?

How can I get my dog to like his kennel? I followed some bad advice earlier in my journey with my dog so I forced him in many times. He now doesn't like it (which is completely understandable.) For a few weeks I've just been throwing a treat in there a few times daily and he goes to get it. I'm trying to make it a positive environment rather than a negative one. Any tips?

How should I teach my dog to pee/poop on command? Just say "pee time/poop time" when he starts doing one of the two, and then click and reward after they're finished?

I'm also counter conditioning my dog on barking at people knocking on the door. Should I use high value treats or just regular training treats? I've read to reserve the highest value ones for counter conditioning reactivity on walks or for barking at the sound of other dogs? Any thoughts on this?

Is it ok if I only go out with my dog to let him pee/poop in the day? What I usually do is take him out in the day on-leash, wait till he poops/pees, click and reward him and bring him in or attach him to the dog run in our backyard and let him roam around. At night or early in the morning I am either too tired or too cold to do this so I just put him on the dog run and let him do his own thing. Is this ok? Will the inconsistency create a problem or is the reinforcement I do with him enough?

My dog only listens to commands, or he listens quicker when I have treats. Is there a way to fix this in a positive way?

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety. I've made some mistakes with my dog, but I'm trying to fix them with positive training. Even just a few weeks with this new approach and I already feel much better with my dog.

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