future potty training concern!!

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i’m going to be getting my beautiful english bulldog puppy in a little less than a month! i’ve had a dog before but i’ve never raised a puppy, so we’ve been doing a ton of prep work making sure everything will be as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

i do have a concern about potty training though. i want her to be able to go on the grass and be comfortable doing her business like any other dog.. but i’m worried about nighttime bathroom breaks. it sounds silly but i have a phobia of frogs, and i live in a very humid state lol. her breeder uses a potty box with cedar bedding to teach her babes to begin with, so we got those supplies for our house as well.

is there a best way to have her accustomed to the lawn AND a potty box/or potty pads in our garage or other room of our house? or would that just confuse her too much?

much thanks for any advice!! this has been eating away at me 😥🖤

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