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TL;DR-What are some new things I can do with my active dog to keep him satisfied so when I am busy he's relaxed.

I have a JRT who's almost 1. He's pretty active and very smart. I got him in January and went into lockdown in March and work was dead, so I got lucky and had a lot of time to spend with him and keep him active and engaged. Now, I am getting really busy at work and lately find it a little stressful making sure there are pockets during the day to get him moving or using his brain. I've been trying to wake up extra early so I have time for my workout while having a few hours to devote to him before I work. I am slowly trying to get him use to when mom works you chill routine, but taking a bit of time. He's not big into chewing a bone etc, so I will usually give him a kong, a puzzle, or 20 minutes of fetch when I am able to take a breather. Usually around noon we'll take a 15 min walk, sniff, run. Would love some new ideas for activities we can do in the AM/PM so he's happy and content so I don't feel as guilty ignoring him while I work. I feel like i've totally exhausted the usual activities, so anything new would be appreciated.

He goes to daycare x2 days a week and usually the dog park in the AM when the weather allows. I am sure I am doing more than enough, but a mother always worries 🙂

I know half the issue is me and feeling guilty, but even my therapist can't fix that ha.


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