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have a 4.5 month old lab puppy that is the sweetest puppy. we've worked really hard with her so she has had nothing but positive experiences with dogs of all sizes.

my in laws have a 5 lb "tea-cup" poodle that is very dog aggressive and territorial. additionally, when the poodle "plays" with other dogs, she runs away very fast making them chase her. this is obviously worrisome because it just causes other dogs to want to chase the small furry thing. we have never let our puppy chase the poodle. my in-laws dont see the problem.

when we've stayed with my in-laws we've kept our girl on a leash the entire time and keep a very close eye on her so she would never engage the poodle in chase. most of the time she ignores the poodle. we click when she looks at her calmly. on a few occasions she has barked at the poodle (seems like a "come play with me" demand bark that she has exhibited with dogs in the past (big & small) when she wanted to say hi – she has improved on this in the last 3 weeks)

we have allowed her to smell the poodle, though, the poodle growls and my in-laws think our dog is "attacking her"). i will admit it is difficult for us at times to keep our dog from wanting to learn more about the poodle.

i've worked with both dogs trying to create a positive association with turkey and cheese with the sight of each other. we stay with them frequently and each time our puppy is a bit less excited about seeing the small dog which is great, but how can I train my dog to never try to engage the poodle in "lab" style play. i'm concerned that my extremely friendly puppy MAY not be able to help herself when she see's this 5 lb furry thing take off running.

just for more information my own parents have a 10 lb dog that is old and our puppy pretty much ignores her once she gets the opportunity to smell.

tl;dr: how do i help make sure my puppy ignores a small dog and is always gentle with it if she does go to say hi to her? should i be worried that her prey drive will kick in with such a small dog? as our puppy gets older and with more practice, will it be easier for her to completely ignore the poodle? should i stay away from plush animal toys to make sure she doesn't associate small things that move with a toy? i'd appreciate any help/input

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