Friend has a 2 yo husky mix, and apparently her dad… BITES the dog… to try to teach it obedience… physically bites him, and hard. She hates it so much but she doesn’t have any way to make him stop. Father is abusive and unreasonable to talk to, can explode at any moment. He also hits the dog.

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I offered to have our dogs have a playdate because my pup needs to burn off some energy and then she told me that. She also says she's not comfortable handling the dog because he's big (about 75lbs) and very untrained, so he can be a mess on-leash and very jumpy. Also, she made a vow not to do much to help this dog too much out of the fact that her family dumped their previous dog onto her. Her previous dog had a tumor and seizures almost every day and they did nothing to help, she raised money to get the tumor removed and her mom used it all…… so understandably she tries to avoid taking responsibility for him, but she hates the way he's treated.

I offered to train him some basic obedience but she said she's worried her dad would get angry at that since he wouldn't be "the boss" anymore. Is there any way I could possibly help? I wouldn't want to be in bad blood with her dad but I hate the way that he treats him. I would love to help this dog out as well in order to help him be more obedient and therefore less likely to be a victim.

I also have no idea if calling animal control would help in this situation because I'm worried that he'll just get another dog, which is what he did immediately after their first dog died.

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