Frequent moving with dog in college?? Need some honest advice.

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I’ve been really considering adopting a dog, I have experience with taking care of dogs, the time to train one and play with one, the right space indoors and outdoors, and I’m definitely willing to spend the money for proper food and medicine.

The big problem is that I’m in college and I live three hours away from school. The dog would likely be living with me at school for 4 months, home for 1, school for for 4, and home again for the summer months. For the next 4 years I’ll only be moving between these two locations, but is that still too much? I know this can be really stressful for dogs, is there anyway to minimize the stress to the point where the dog is overall mentally healthy?

I certainly dont want a dog if its gonna be depressed or anxious with my lifestyle, I dont want any neglect or mistreatment. I thought about enforcing crating so I can take that between houses so it has something familiar, along with maybe a blanket and some familiar toys, but would that be enough? Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated.

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