Four year old French Is with out of control prey drive

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My four year old frenchie is house broken,knows sit, stay, will wait for a treat or his meal (despite being very food motivated), he will respond to here when he’s not distracted. However as soon as he sees something that triggers his prey drive or need to chase all of that goes out the window. For example my mom will watch him when we are out of town and he has an uncontrollable fixation on the cat we keep them separated by a baby gate but he has in the past chased and tackled the cat he doesn’t go in for the kill but it is still scary for everyone. This sometimes happens with smaller dogs on walks as well. We have tried training with the clicker, but it doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect. I am contemplating doing a board and train out of desperation as nothing I do with him seems to stick when he is in the heat of the moment. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice?

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