Fostering a traumatized pitbull puppy- she is on walk strike and hides in corner 24/7. Help!

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I am fostering a 1.5-year-old Pitbull named Gypsy. Her backstory: she was neglected/abused in the place she was born and lived for a while, and then was abandoned. Found by shelter on the street at about a year old. This was a few months back.

I got her 2 weeks ago to foster. We had to carry her into my apartment (she is on a "walk strike"). Once she was inside, she immediately found a corner to hide in and has barely moved from the spot since. I made it cozy with blankets and towels and a pillow so she is comfortable.

The other night I tried to take her outside to go to the bathroom and she hid under a car- the neighbors had to help me pull her out. Have been using puppy pads since and its ruining my floor…

Any tips on how to get her to warm up and feel at home? I have been giving her so much love, space, and treats.

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