Foster-to-adopt 3 y/o random peeing, any tips?

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Hey! We definitely aren’t at wits end or anything, we are in LOVE with our new pup, just getting our house and longtime adult dogs used to everything.

Our new GSP, is a nervous boy, but has warmed up to us SUPER fast. He’s so sweet and kind and gaining so much courage. He’s not food motivated when stressed out at all, so teaching him to relax on walks is new but working with lots of praise and slow desensitization.

One thing we are stuck on, is he’s randomly peeing inside. He’s getting lots of walks, has a pee spot outside, and across the street that’s the go to, but he loves loves peeing on our wool shaggy area rug. No signs he’s going to do it, just let’s it rip.

Today, was a bit weirder. He was playing with a squishy toy and ran to the rug to chew it, and when he laid down to chew he kinda stared up into space, his tail quivered and he peed while laying down! I kinda think it’s a weird pheromone/uncomfortable thing because he has this weird vibe with our smaller terrier mix. He loves sniffing his crotch and it all almost seems sexual. He will chatter his teeth. Got a boner today. The terrier, also a male, was nearby. Both are fixed, but the new GSP was only fixed 6 months ago.

No other blatantly submissive peeing or clues of incontinence. His pee is super bright yellow but he’s already on antibiotics for a minor anal gland infection.Any clues on what’s going on here and how we can nip the habit?

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