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Hey all, just wanted to give an update on yesterday morning's mystery illness. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to this sub if I were leaving a loose end for a question people may commonly have.

TLDR; the OG post was about my 13-week old puppy Wiley starting to vomit bile consistently two nights ago. Symptoms worsened the next day with very watery (but not bloody!) diarrhea, head & ear scratching, whining/discomfort, loss of appetite, and scratching/scooting her little patootie all over the floor. After ruling out some more serious conditions like pancreatitis and obstruction of a foreign object, I just happened to realize that her worsening condition could be due to a change in her diet (um, duh). We had, on Saturday, cooked a bunch of chicken for the dogs (as well as ourselves lmao), and seeing as I had been informed that chicken/rice combo is the easiest food for dogs to digest, I had been feeding her this after her first vet appointment.

After redirecting her diet to kibble without chicken product or byproduct, we noticed a complete turnaround in her stool consistency and she has not vomited or scratched since. She is eating like it's her job again now & high energy per usual. Inflammation (which can happen in the small intestine with most food sensitivities) seems to have subsided almost entirely. I'm not a vet – that much is clear by now – but I'm pretty heckin' proud of the progress we made in ruling out other potential causes.

So, TLDR; on this post, check your dog's diet before WebMD'ing every puppy-related medical condition there is to research on the internet.

Dog moms for the win! Until next time. xD

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