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So it’s been about 8 days now since having our puppy.

He does typical puppy stuff for an 8 week old as you can imagine. He bites (I have scratches all over my hands and ankles), plays, chills out in his pen and sleeps about 7 hours straight at night in his crate.

Now while most of the anxiety is gone in regards to when we first got him something in my heart is still doubtful. I know that the puppy will have to be taken care of between my husband and I. My 14 year old stepson doesn’t care much about the puppy since all it does is bite him. I actually heard him say this morning that the puppy is annoying. All he wants to do his play video games all day. I never expected my stepson to take care of the the puppy but it bothers me that he seems like he doesn’t even like him.

Another thing I keep going back and forth with is my husband and his son are gamers. I told my husband that having a dog requires a lot of attention (at least in the beginning) and I told him idk if we really are dog people based on the fact that him and his son really want to just be playing video games in their free time. My husband doesn’t neglect the puppy – he will take him out when he cries, feeds him, plays with him then puts him down for a nap.

I guess something in me feels like the excitement over the puppy might wear off with my husband and then he might be ignored or I will end up as the primary care taker instead of a 50/50 between my husband and I.

At the end of the day I don’t think it would be fair to the pup if that happened.

I told my husband maybe we’re not dog people and he should be with a family that will pay more attention to him and be active with him when he’s older but my husband is against rehoming him saying we are fine.

He also thinks I’m just making up excuses and trying to blame my husband to get rid of the puppy.

Any ideas on this?

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