First vet visit, questions on my decisions, risks, socialization, etc.

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Hi, just had a first vet visit with my 9-week sheltie girl and wanted to ask people here to kindly let me know what I did wrong, because the overall experience was a bit chaotic and mildly frustrating.

We had her for one week only, and while we did a lot of socialization and desensitization at home, we didn't manage to introduce her to lots of people this week. And as you may expect every one at the vet's lobby tried to approach the cute 9-week puppy, and she clearly seemed unsure about it, backing up and being very alert. Me and my wife politely asked people not to approach and not pet her, as she is scared enough already, and tried to calm/praise her and bombed her with treats. We want to let her meet people on her own terms in a less stressful environment, and don't allow other unknown people approach and pet her yet, until she is more confident with others. Is that OK? Or maybe we're being helicopter parents here and should just let some old dude in mask come close to the scared puppy and pet her? Basically the same question, but about dogs, and also adding disease risk to the equation. At the vet lobby there were a couple of other dogs, and thanks god they didn't give a shit about a puppy who barked at them, but still she seemed a bit afraid of them. I kept her on a leash and didn't let her approach the other dog, as she only had her 1st round of shots and I don't want to risk her getting any possible diseases from the other dog. So, same question, is that OK? Or do you think it might be a first step into a leash reactivity hell? Related to 2. We live close to the vet (5-10 mins on feet), so I've carried her on my hands to the office. I didn't plan on letting her on the floor, but once we arrived to the lobby she started twitching a lot so I had no choice put to let her on the floor (she became much more calm after that). But the thing is, common sense suggests me that the risk of getting parvo/some other shit at the vet lobby is close to the one in the dog park, i.e. very high. Vets were cool about it so I didn't worry about putting her to the floor too much, but now I do worry. Should I? On socialization in general, we also had a first behaviorist/trainer lesson today. And I got a conflicting information from her and from the vet. Basically, trainer kept saying that we can take her outside already, just being extra careful. I kinda agree with that, because seeing the world from my hands is very different from what she'll experience in future, staying on the ground. And the ground itself is quite a different surface from what we have at home (we live in apartment) so it's also something I want to show her early. But the vet said that going outside now is a strict NO, no exceptions, and she should only be allowed at least one week after her 2nd round of shots, 2 weeks from now, so she'll be 11 weeks of age then, and even then be super extra careful. Prior to getting puppy, I've seen both opinions many times here on reddit, but the vet seemed very serious about it, so I tend to trust her, and going to carry my puppy on hands everywhere until 11 weeks, which is still seems to be inside a socialization window. What do you think?

Thank you

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