First time puppy owner. Day 4.

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I bought a pupper for the first time 4 days ago. A black pug. I read so much about what to do to prepare. Well the first night was pretty bad, lots of whining as I put him in the crate.

I let him out a few times through the night to potty and he never peed or pooped in his crate. (Huge plus. I was scared I would be washing his crate and pillow every morning for a bit, but nope.)

The second night was about the same.

Third night was much better. No whining until around 7am when he was ready to get up and get going. He wanted to make sure I knew it was time to get up. Lol.

Day 4. Things are starting to look promising. He trusts the family, he still has not pottied in his crate. Also throughout the day I put him in his crate for an hour or so at the time and he does not whine when I leave the room anymore.

Also as I write this he is next to my bed, he woke up as I came into the room, and didn't whine for me to get him which was a problem the first few days.

I am super happy he seems to be getting comfortable with the crate and I actually think he enjoys his space away from the noisy house.

I think being off work due to the virus affecting my job has been a blessing as far as getting a new puppy goes. I've been able to spend a lot of time with him and help get him adjusted to everything and helped him realize that he could trust me to come back for him soon and everything was okay.

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