First night home, puppy cried and carried on as usual, but our older dog growled and barked at him to be quiet

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Anyway, we brought home a dachshund pup today and we have an older dachshund mix who is around 1.5-2 years old. She (the older dog) is usually a very sweet dog and relatively good with other dogs. She has been a bit stand-offish towards the new pup, expected curiosity, a bit of jealousy, but otherwise fine.

Tonight we put the female in her bed, and tried putting the puppy in with her. After some growling we decided it best that he be in his own bed tonight and for a while until the female acclimates to him. Well, as expected, puppy starts whining, whining progressing to some barking and howling. We were prepared to weather the storm for a bit and see if he tuckers himself out to sleep, when all of a sudden the female starts growling and barks a few time at the pup. Puppy stops for a bit, picks it up again a minute or two later, and female responds after a few seconds. The goes on a few times as my wife and I moved around the bedroom to get ready for bed. Ultimately, we settled into bed, one more bout of crying and shushing and now the puppy is asleep!

It feels to good to be true. I have never seen this in my life, but I can't lie by saying I'm grateful my older dog is mothering the pup a bit and telling him to get over it lol. Would you all be concerned by this behavior at all? Obviously were going to carefully watch the interaction between the two dogs until they're buddies, but I can't help but wonder if this behavior from our older dog is going to badly affect puppy's behavior.

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