Feeling so overwhelmed by my dogs

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I just got a puppy last week. First of all I have the regular puppy blues where I like her but also don't know how to deal with her sometimes and get moments of "omg I'm stuck with this creature for the rest of her life and will always have to be responsible for her". She's a dachsund, not a breed I'd ever been interested in and I keep doubting whether she's a good breed for me or if I made a mistake. I think all this worrying about her also just makes me less capable of connecting with her which I've heard is pretty normal for a while.

My other dog was great with her at first but for some reason now seems to be nervous around her and doesn't like to play. He bit her yesterday and I took her to the emergency vet for $700. Now he's feeling sick and is super tired from a stomach issue. She's still recovering from the bite. I have to constantly be watching out for her to make sure she isn't annoying him so there won't be another accident. So I can't even relax with my own dogs anymore. And I'm always worried about something bad happening to either of them. They're the only support I have living alone basically in quarantine besides going to parks with them. I'm so frustrated and disappointed that it's not going as smoothly as I thought it would, and that my dog — who has been so good with all small animals before this — was aggressive towards her. It's hard to stay positive.

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