Feeling really unsure about our approach to crate training our Iggy

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First time posting.

Me and my fiance brought home a iggy pup last saturday (12 week old), and she is an amazing little girl, house training is going really well, she is insanely affectionate, and is her happiest when she gets to cuddle up as close as possible with you.

We have her in the crate next to our bed at night, and she will cry for a whopping 20 seconds, and she is quiet all through the night, which is amazing.

BUT! We are crate training her at day, having her in there primarily when we eat, if I'm alone and have to shower etc, and she just changes from this cute Iggy pup into the rat goblin from the 4th dimension of hell. She literally screams her head off, thrashes against the cage, and sounds as if you are running her through a meat grinder, and she just doesn't wind down.

I've tried sitting next to her crate, tapping it and saying "ah-ah" when she starts thrashing, and she will stop for a milisecond, but then just continue.

I am feeling really hopeless about this, and would love some advice. I read everywhere that your pup should be excited to go in the crate to get their treats, kong, etc, but as Iggys are insanely clingy, she wants affection much more than she would ever want treats/kong. How do you crate train a clingy Iggy pup?!?!

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