Feeling overwhelmed and at my wits end with my puppy’s biting.

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I have a 12 week old Italian Greyhound, we’ve had her since just before 9 weeks old. She gets a 15/20 minute walk at lunchtime by the end of which she’s so tired that she’s crying and tugging the whole way home so I wouldn’t want to do much more, gets lots of playtime and is generally a very happy sweet loveable pup.

However, other than normal mouthing biting which is fine and can be easily redirected to a nylabone, when she gets overexcited she starts getting really growling and latching on to my arms/hands as hard as she can and tugging whilst growling pretty intensely. If i try the standing up and turning away from her she just latches onto my legs and trousers, she’s constantly drawing blood. Yelping doesn’t work, stern no, leave it etc it’s like she doesn’t hear. She has 0 interest in a toy when she’s like this, she’s almost hyper focused on biting me. If I stuff my hands behind my back so she can’t get them, she tried to go for my face.

My sister (has a 7 y/o dalmatian) and my mother are both suggesting a tap on the nose, but i really don’t believe in negative reinforcement, especially not for such a sensitive breed. I really don’t know what else I can do, I’ve been struggling with puppy blues anxiety really badly and I get so stressed and overwhelmed when she’s like this. I’ve ordered a puzzle feeder arriving today to hopefully distract her in the day but other than that I just don’t know. Did anyone else have a small pup that didn’t respond to the normal bite inhibition tactics? If so, did anything work for you?

Sorry it’s long, tl;dr – my small puppy isn’t responding to the standard bite inhibition tactics and I can’t let her carry on like this and wait it out for months, what worked for you?

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