Fear Aggression (I think)

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Does anyone have experience with this? Long post but this is really worrying me.

My dog is now 7-8 months and has never shown the slightest signs of aggression. He's very sensitive and constantly needs human contact. At night he sleeps on my bed and follows me when I go to the loo. He's a lockdown pup and thanks to that I wasn't able to socialise him well and he has gotten used to everyone being at home all day long.

An example of aggression is here. My approach may be completely wrong.

The past few days he's been getting aggressive. He growls and lunges (without making contact) whenever we try to discipline him. Today he started chewing up a sheet of paper that got blown off the table. This piece of paper was important for work. When I tried to get him to return it he hid under the table. I commanded him to come out in a firm tone, which he did pretty quick. But when I tried to take the paper he started growling and even lunged at me. After lunging he gave up, got even more scared and spat the paper out, turned upside down near my feet and started growling while wagging his tail. In response I moved away and called him to follow me while speaking to him lovingly till I was able to comfort him without growling.

From what happened I'm almost certain this is fear aggression but I'm not sure how I should handle it. I want to be able to comfort him but on some level it feels like I'm rewarding the aggressive behaviour. I am weary about feeding him treats to calm his nerves for the same reason. I also don't want to show him my anxiety/fear when he does this so I think being firm with him is a good idea. I may be completely wrong in all of this.

Also I don't know if this is relevant but whenever he gets aggressive he gets turned on. He's male so he gets a strong dog lipstick. Is this just hormones from aggression.

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