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Well, here’s something you don’t examine everyday.

According to reports, a North Carolina family’s dog held birth to a very healthy, exceedingly dark-green puppy that they’ve appropriately been calling Hulk !

Shana Stamey , the owner of a white-hot German shepherd appointed Gypsy , told neighbourhood ABC News affiliate WLOS her bird-dog established birth to a offspring of eight puppies weeks ago — one of which” was lime dark-green .”

The baby owner told the report terminal 😛 TAGEND

” I knew it wasn’t like damaging. But I still had to look it up again to make sure .”

Turns out, some puppies can come out with green-tinted fur from meconium, which is the earliest stool of a baby mammal. Junaluska Animal Hospital veterinarian technician Suzanne Cianciulli told WLOS 😛 TAGEND

” The sack that they’re in when they’re in their momma, there can be meconium in there and that tends to stain them .”

So while the puppy was very much born this way, it will most definitely not remain this practice, according to Stamey’s vet, who told her the mother ” licks it away until I bathe it and then, I suspect after a couple of weeks, it will finally like fade out .”

Naturally, the pup’s bright green hue have all contributed to a batch of recreation name suggestions when Stamey and her family were coming up with names for the litter of eight.

She illustrated 😛 TAGEND

” Hulk! It was lime green. He was super mad. So, yeah, he became Hulk. We thought about Gremlin — Pistachio. We call him Mr. Green sometimes.”

Our vote’s for Elphaba!

But as Hulk’s fur modified, so did potential names. Stamey said the pup has already turned into a big more of a neon yellowish, which has spawned new calls like Pikachu.

Although the family would love to keep Hulk( ahem, Pikachu) and his siblings, Stamey told the station that they plan to find affection dwellings to adopt the canines formerly they’re of a proper age.

But she’ll never forget Hulk, whom she described as” a good luck charm, ” adding 😛 TAGEND

“He’s pretty special .”

We’ll say!

Ch-ch-check out the word clip( below) to see more of the shining green puppy!

So crazy — and so adorable!

What would you identify this pup, Perezcious readers? Leave your suggestions in specific comments( below )!

[ Image via WLOS ]

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