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Hey all,

Firstly, I’m on mobile so sorry for the poor formatting!

I just wanted to quickly fact check some things our new trainer told us about our new puppy.

We recently got a 3 month old Aussie and he’s been great. We’ve been trying to match his energy, training is going well, he’s super smart but loves to chew. Normal puppy stuff!

Recently we just started training and we were told the following things:

1) 15 minutes of Chewing is the equivalent of 90 minutes of physical exercise.

2) Dogs should never eat out of bowls, only puzzles.

3) 15 Minutes of Mental Stimulation (puzzles, training, kings,etc) is the equivalent of 60 minutes of physical activity

4) Our puppy should walk no more than 20 minutes at a time. (If it was up to him, he would walk all day)

5) unrelated, but does anyone have any chew/puzzle suggestions?

Thank you all!

(Id love to post puppy tax but I’m not quite sure how on mobile)

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