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Hi y’all. My 6mo pup who has been with us a little under a month, ended up with some conjunctivitis. The vet prescribed some cipro drops. My pup HATES them. The vet warned me she really hated taking them at the office and it would be a struggle but I didn’t know it would be this tough. My husband has to hold her while she flails and I try to get the drops in. We try to soothe her during and give her lots of treats and praise after. But she’s so mad at me. She normally naps on the futon near her crate with me after her early AM potty break. Now she won’t even come up and will only sleep on the floor again. I’m letting her come back to hanging out with me on her own terms but my heart is broken a little.

Am I ruining the bonding we’ve had since she’s been here? I feel terribly betraying her trust like this but I want to take the best care of her possible.

Anyone else have experience with this? Does it get better?

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