Eye drops for everyone!

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So unfortunately my puppy has had some health problems recently. He had a case of chronic giardia that we've just decided to treat the symptoms for because it wasn't going away, so we are currently working on getting his gut health back in line after almost two months on antibiotics. He's still very happy and at a healthy weight, so just an inconvenience that will go away with time.

We went hiking yesterday and he got something in his eye and it got infected so to the vet we go for some eye drops. Well this morning we learned that our kitten (who recently lost an eye before coming into our care) will also need eye drops for the remaining eye for life. And our older cat also needs eyedrops for a chronic condition.

So that was our theme today! At least between three animals I only have to put drops in four eyes. But everyone is very happy so that's all that matters to me!

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