Excessive sniffing on walks-help!

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Hello everyone!

I have a very big and very sassy stubborn two year old male 95 lb black lab/GSP mix who is still intact and obsessed with sniffing everything to the point where I cannot control him at times on walks. He's not the best at leash walking, but is good in our neighborhood. However, when I take him anywhere new he basically drags me or tries to lays down on the ground so I can't move him (I'm a female who weighs like 115) because he wants me to walk in that direction so he can pee/mark/sniff. I can move him it's just very difficult and the behavior is excessive. I have no idea how to break this.

I would fix him but I see it unnecessary and am afraid it won't even help this issue. Aside from not being good off leash (wants to explore and ignore recall like most dogs lol), this is really the only training issue I have with him and am at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated! I tried Google but couldn't find anything that helpful. Thanks! 🙂

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