Everyday is Whineday

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My fiancé and I decided on getting a French Bulldog because based on multiple sites we’ve read and on answers of some FB owners we know, they are a laid back breed with not much noise issues (doesn’t bark much). The downside, though, is that they’re “velcro dogs”—which I honestly thought meant they just wanted to be beside you. Period.

Oh, boy, I was so wrong.

Our pup, despite my immense love for him, drives me nuts with his whining! It was cute as first but it started sounding like a 24/7 siren. I can tolerate the endless energy for playtime, but gosh, the WHINING!

Go into the kitchen? Whine. Go pee or poop in the bathroom? Whine. Pause for few seconds during playtime? Whine. God forbid I sit down on the bed for frickin’ second and he can’t reach me, the whines starts and progresses in crescendo.

I tried ignoring him, conditioning him that whining is equivalent to time out, using a firm, commanding voice on him, nada.

Anyway, I HOPE he outgrows this and become the quiet and chill French Bulldog we planned to have. For now, I just have to daily train the siren to shut it for the good of all humanity.

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