Entertaining a recovering dog?

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Hi all – the TL;DR version of my question is: do you have a low-impact way to entertain a senior dog without using treat-related toys?

For background – My old girl dog (9? We just got her last year – she was a senior rescue) just got surgery on Monday to biopsy some lumps in her mammary glands. I think she’s starting to feel better because she’s much perkier today, but obviously her stitches are still fresh so we’ve been restricting her to one floor and have been taking it easy on walks.

She is also a little chubby so we have been trying to not give her any extra treats (just small training treats sometimes).

But I can tell she’s getting bored. She periodically whines at me until I come sit by her and pet her. She was never a whiner before and I don’t want to encourage the whining. Also I can’t keep doing this all the time haha. She used to like exploring and napping in various spots around the house.

Thanks in advance.

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