Encouragement needed after first week with wee monster.

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Hey all. Last Thursday we brought back our little monster Hugo – a 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is my first dog as an adult (I'm in my mid-thirties) and I'm feeling overwhelmed with both joy, love and anxiety. This is going to be a bit of a mind-dump, so apologies in advance.

1) He's a fussy little beast. Supposed to be on a bland diet to combat a bit of diarrhea he's been having since we got him, but he won't eat anything but chicken or watered-down kibble. I tried to get him on yogurt / rice but he doesn't touch the stuff. Is this normal?

2) Also regarding food – in the morning when i give him his kibble he often ignores it for hours, and even then only eats a little drop. He usually goes back to it throughout the day. Is this cause for concern? His weight is good and he's generally healthy and active.

3) I'm having trouble training the wee boy. He gets distracted super easily so I can't hold his attention on a toy for long enough to teach him "fetch" or "give", though he seems to have got the hang of "sit" and is making good progress with "come here".

4) He sleeps a lot. Like, an hour or two at a time, up for maybe 30-40 minutes for a play / chew / drink / eat, and then he's conked back out. I know puppies sleep a lot, but this seems excessive. Am I worrying too much?

5) Speaking of play – we probably do around 2-3 hours cumulatively per day of active play – playing tug, throwing a toy for him to chase, and light rough housing (loves getting his tummy rubbed!). The rest of the time we leave him to do his own thing whilst under supervision, which he normally spends chewing his toys. Are we giving him enough attention?

No concerns for night time / potty as of yet. We live in a flat and are moving on Friday to a home with a garden, so right now the place is lined with puppy pads and we just clean up after him. At night time he sleeps on my bed (we tried a crate for a couple of days but he really didn't take to it despite lots of treats and easing him into it) and lets himself off a couple of times a night to poop or pee on the pads.

Apologies if all this sounds over the top – I just want to make sure I give this fella the best life possible! Here's some pics -> https://imgur.com/a/tg3xb3M

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