Eating stuff of the pavement and peeing inside

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Hello! Just a quick side note, English isn’t my first language and I’m on mobile, so sorry if this gets long and the formatting sucks.

I adopted my dog three months ago, she’s 5 months old so still a baby. In almost every regard she is learning quickly and responds to my commands (all of them have been implemented for her own safety – such as sit, stop pulling etc.), we have made great progress in almost all of the areas… my biggest problem begins when we take a walk. My pup just straight up ignores me when I tell her not to eat something off the ground. We live in the city center and it’s rather full of trash, but the worst part is all the food leftovers that she finds. With that tiny, adorable little snoot, she’s able to find things invisible to my eye, such as chicken bones, bread and fruits (all of these things are left by grandmas scattering them around… I’m sure they mean well, but it’s just straight up dangerous at this point). I really want her to learn the “leave it alone” command, but at this point I’m considering simply putting on “the snoot leash” (no idea what’s the English word sorry) that would stop her from devouring trash. On the other hand I want to be able to trust her that she won’t pick it up – we’ve got a long friendship ahead of us and life is full of surprises and I know that this behavior is simply dangerous. I always carry around snacks for her but she just won’t listen. She was already sick twice because of this, and I don’t think I’ll be emotionally able to handle a third. I love her to bits. Will this behavior go away with age? Or should I just implement the snoot leash? She responds to the “leave it” command at home and knows that she’ll get treats for it. Another problem is a much less pressing one – she pees as home. I’m only able to take her on a walk about 4 times a day, but she pees at least 8 times. Should I just invest in a dog toilet (like the ones that cats have) or is her bladder still developing? I don’t want her to hold in for too long, but I’m thinking since she’s able to hold her poop in she’s able to control it and just chooses to pee in the middle of my living room.

Sorry if this post is a mess, I am a mess as well, but it’s my first dog, got her by accident (she was homeless and less than two months old) and I just want her to be happy and healthy, and build mutual trust between us.

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