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As per title says, my puppy is super excited and energetic. I adopted a puppy almost a month ago and I’m trying to “train” her or set some boundaries. She’s 8 weeks old, female, and regarding the breed I think she has some roots of german shepherd. She grow so much in a couple of weeks. Anyway, since she’s so little I’m not able to take her outside as she needs to more vaccines, and I’m trying to potty train here on my balcony, she’s crazy when she see’s food, I think that she could eat 1kg of food in one sitting. Besides that she bites, she’s chewing stuff and always crying that she wants to sleep with us, in bed.

I know she’s just a puppy at the moment, but Im hopping that I could do something to train her step by step. Also I have a male cat who’s grumpy and I saw that they are getting along- that was my biggest concern.

Any tips and tricks are super appreciated ❤️

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