Dont walk a dog without a leash

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I have a dog that is fine with people but hella agressive towards other dogs so when I was walking my dog on the beach I saw people on thier beach and their jack Russell was not leashed. When the jack Russell saw my dog it ran towards it and I picked up my dog just in time and I tried to speak to the owners telling them that in my country it is illegal to walk a dog without a leash in a public area and they did not seem to care at all. The kept on saying that thier dogs are not agressive and they are friendly but that act was that thier dogs might not be agressive but my dog is anyway I turned around and the jack Russell came from behind to sniff my dog and my dog saw it as a threat and damn near almost ripped the poor dog apart and now people are saying that it's my fault and my dog should be put down. My dog was very sick when she was a puppy so it was very difficult to socialize her because she was sick and I was worried about her safety so I am asking you guys am I at fault or is the other people at fault

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