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We were out of town for a week and our 8 month old pup went to stay with my partner's aunt. There are five dogs who live at her place full time (one is hers, one her husband's, two belong to her daughter, and one is her son's), and she also had a foster puppy at the time. Maverick loves other dogs and had the time of his life while we were away.

When we picked Maverick up today, they told us that he was great! He was awesome with all of their dogs, learned how to behave around their cats really fast, and remembered his manners with the people. He even got to experience his first snow with them!

Maverick's been very tired and subdued since we got him home, but once he's had time to decompress and get back into his routine I think he'll be fine.

He developed a very strong bond with the foster puppy and he also seems to be missing her a lot. I'm looking forward to his reaction when we bring her home next Friday!

Snow puppy tax!

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