Dogs 101: Chihuahua

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Much more on the Chihuahua:

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Even more Video clip:

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed worldwide and also love to be pampered.

67 thoughts on “Dogs 101: Chihuahua

  1. Robert Kolakowski

    No Scientist believes that the Fennec fox is the ancestor of
    the Chihuahua; unless, we are talking about the flat Earth society! Foxes
    cannot have fertile puppies with dogs.

    1. Weirdanimalboy

      +Oktober Love They really don’t act like dogs though. They’re behavior is
      noticeably different. They aren’t directly related to them. *Canis* and
      *Vulpes* are pretty separate. But even if the Chihuahua was descended from
      the Fennec fox, it wouldn’t make it a dog. That would be like saying
      domestication would turn a giraffe into a llama.

    2. Milarika Delia

      Alexis Goitia, what are you talking about? The most accepted theory is that
      they are the result of breeding techichi (a dog now considered extinct) and
      miniature European dogs. About Asian dogs being their descendants, that is
      just a theory.
      Furthermore, there is no proven fact as to their creation, but there is
      proof that they have been around since a long time ago.

    3. Jelton Inc.

      Everyone knows foxes are related to sand dollars. Just google it. Chihuahua
      sand dolla . COM. Yu Kno. Anyway, I want to know more about shape
      shifeters. I saw won at a gas station in Achilles, Fl once. I thought it
      was a hedgehog but low an behold IT WAS A RABBIT. I said “DAMN BOI? Da
      fresh hell was THAT?”

      I dunno why I always do that.

  2. Hannah •-•

    Don’t Shed much? WTF!!!! My chihuahua sheds likes crazy I can make a coat
    for the White House!

    1. Els TehGreat

      I have a solution to that! Just use a de-shedder! It removes the excessive
      fur that causes the shedding! Hope that helps!

    1. Terrax

      +Clorox Bleach okay I gave you enough attention if you wanna make a joke of
      yourself be my guest but I wont be here when you do .

    1. Els TehGreat

      Paul Sweet Haha yes they can be a great guard dog, lap dog, running
      companion and the greatest part is that they pose really well in photos.

    2. Els TehGreat

      Paul Sweet Yes, they are relatively easier to train because of their size.
      I love my little chihuahua, he has the best poses in photos too.

    3. Paul Sweet

      Els TehGreat that is all I have now is pictures of him and his cremains but
      I have a new dog a Yorkie Poo she’s small to and very good little girl but
      I still miss little Vince everyday I hope you have as much fun with your
      dog as I do have a blessed day

  3. Onlylettuce92

    I have a pom-chi. Half pomeranian and half chihuahua. She’s the most
    sassiest and silly dog i’ve ever seen.❤️

    1. Creative Journeys

      Onlylettuce92 Me to, mines name is Paris….most demanding little princess.
      Not like any other dog I’ve ever had!

    1. Christopher Rodriguez

      agreed 100% i have a deer chihuahua and she has had 15 pups and had her
      most of her teeth removed, a blood transfusion and still pisses with her
      leg up like shes a male and has chased 2 pitbulls down the road with
      multiple witnesses and terrorized by all 3 of my kids and she’s still the
      biggest asswhole in the world with a puppy spirit

    2. Savage Beast

      Christopher Rodriguez that’s messed up ……you should be ashamed dont
      blame him its how you treated him or raised him

      if your a bad owner then I would say it runs becuz it wants to ho away from
      you but. nvm

  4. Broseph Stalin

    I love Chihuahuas but seeing them carried around in purse with a pink
    bedazzled collar makes me wanna throw up.

    1. Lynn Balaski

      Jeez, I thought everyone knew that short hair Chi’s shed A LOT, and that
      the long haired Chi’s shed less. How could this video about Chihuahua’s
      state that they don’t shed much? LOL!!

    1. Riley Helton

      ANL092396 I’ve had labs, Siberians, goldens and dachshunds, and the only
      one that shedded more was my Siberian

    2. Lynn Balaski

      I know, right? The makers of this video should bloody well know that Chi’s
      shed a LOT! At least the short haired Chi’s. Long coated, not as much.

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