Dog wont tell me when he has to go out

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I have a 8 month of JRT puppy. He has learned that outside is where he goes to the bathroom. Everytime I take him outside he pees/poops as soon as we get to a grassy area. His accidents inside are minimal (1-2 a week, but I want 0!) but he still wont tell me when he has to go out. I just make sure he goes out every 1-2 hours.

He's crate trained. I never leave him alone without being in his crate. I even put him in his crate when he's napping during the day and when I let him out we go outside right away first.

I've tried the bell technique. I started by just giving him treats every time he bumped it with his nose when I asked. Now, I'll walk to the door with him and stand there and after a couple seconds he'll bump it without me prompting, I immediately open the door and when he goes potty I reward him. However, he still hasn't learned that he has to bump it without me asking. It has been MONTHS of trying to teach him this. Whenever he accidently hits it (ie sniffing around it and hits it with his head) I jump right up and take him out. But he still hasn't put it together in his head and I'm at my witts end here.

Any ideas/help on the bell or different ideas to get him to tell me to go outside are welcome. Please and thank you!

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