Dog won’t stop barking!

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My dog is 3 years old and has this bad habit of barking at us constantly. He usually doesn’t have access to every area of the house when we are not around só when he does he constantly barks at us. I’m worried that the neighbours will complain because he does this at night too. If we ignore him he gets worse and worse, we’ve tried everything for the past 3 years: leash him around the house, get him out of the room when he does this, ignore him and a few more I can’t remember. When we ignore him he starts getting closer and poking us while barking, when we get him out of the room he barks even more when we are redirecting him. We’ve had 4 different dog trainer working with him at different stages of his life and although each one of them helped fixed some behavioural problems, none were able to fix this. I know he only wants attention but I’m really worried about my neighbours complaining since he has a really loud bark and is a big dog that most of our neighbours don’t appreciate! Any tips ?

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