Dog won’t listen while on the leash.

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2 Questions: I am training a 2 yr old dog, she is my roommates dog and due to his long hrs, she spends most of her time with me. She is pretty smart but stubborn.

Q 1: When I go to put her leash on her she won't sit still long enough for it to click into her harness. I can get her to sit but when I bend down to click the leash on she gets excited and jumps up and runs to the door. How do I get her to sit long enough?

Q 2. How do I get her to stop pulling while walking on a leash, in a harness? I

I have tried just stopping and waiting for her to come to me, she stops, will walk near me but is still on high alert and sniffing around or not being submissive.

I have also tried rewarding her with treats when she listens, but it isnt sticking.

I know she can do it, I have already taught her to sit, stay, lay down, hand shakes, sit up and she stays and waits for me to go into the house 1st. I just cant figure out how to get her to listen while on the leash.


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