Dog won’t follow my lead on walks

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Hey guys

So just to preface this is not my dog. I watch her and her puppy sister every weekday while the owners are at work.

She’s 3, and she loves me, but often times when I take her outside she refuses to come into the house with me when it’s time to go inside.

She’s big enough where I cant pick her up, so I end up being stuck at the porch step while she refuses to come in.

I’ll see her use the bathroom and I take her on daily walks, so I don’t think it’s an issue of lack or exercise or still needing to go potty.

I think she just wants to sniff around more and doesn’t want to listen to me.

If I give her a little tug to coax her inside she will just sit down in defiance.

It’s hard because the puppy hates being outside so she’s running full speed inside while the 3 year old sits there and refuses to go inside. So I get pulled in two different directions in the doorway.

Is there anything I can do to discourage or fix this behavior? I’ll even offer her treat to coax her inside and she won’t show any interest.

(She listens to me well otherwise)

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