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Hi all,

My dog refuses to drink from his water bowl and will instead hold out to drink from puddles and public bowls that businesses have set out. This is fine when it has rained or we're walking during business hours, but morning and nighttime walks often come up dry (pun intended). I am almost certain that he isn't getting enough water for a dog his size.

I have tried switching out bowls and locations indoors; I have also tried putting chicken broth in with the water to make it tastier. My dog generally avoids the area with the water bowl and will refuse to come, even with the lure of treats, to the water bowl if I call him. He will also run away the second I pick up the bowl and try to bring it to him. A few times, if I'm really persistent, I can chase him around the apartment enough that I finally corner him, at which point he'll drink the water bowl dry once I set it down under his nose. I don't like doing this much though, as I don't want to stress him out by chasing him around.

Does anyone have any advice about how to train this behavior out of him, or what might be going on? Any help would be appreciated!

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