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Hi, I have a 5 yrs old lab/beagle/cocker spaniel mix rescue. I have had him for almost 2 yrs now. My significant other (SO) has started training the dog to face his fear. He is very scared of the AC and rumba vacuum. My SO leaves the dog in a 12 ft by 5ft area near the AC vent and rumba gated closed all day long with exception of taking the dog out and walking him. During this time dog whines for HOURS! And since we are trying not to give attention to him while whining, he does not get much of our affection while he’s gated.

This is a DRASTIC change from how we have been caring for him. I don’t know if this method of training is affective. Ive asked my SO to slowly expose the dog (ex: leave him in that area for 1hr, 2hrs the next day, 3 hrs the day after etc). However my SO does not care about gradually exposing the dog.

Is this healthy and affective training?

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