Dog very interested in treats, not interested in training

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We adopted a dog a few months ago who is 1 to 2 years old, and according to the rescue he was pretty mistreated by his previous owners and left in a kennel for most of the day.

With us, he has really come out of his shell and acts like a puppy his age most of the time. We've been able to build his confidence around other people, using stairs, going outside, etc. but the one area we're failing is commands. He knows how to sit and come, but anything beyond that we've struggled.

For lay down, I will slowly pull the treat away from him towards the ground, but when it gets too far he will stay seated and then look at me…then look at the treat. Or he will try to cuddle up to me. I wait until he lays down naturally, pair that with the command and then instant treat and praise, but it takes him a solid 5 minutes to lay down naturally each time, so we're not getting much repetition.

Shake is getting a lot more repetition because I'm able to hold his paw up (he's not a pawing dog, so he was never lifting his paw naturally) but he still looks at me instead of motivated to get the treat.

We've switched to chicken from training treats, and when the chicken comes out he's super excited and playful and is ready to jump on it…but pair it with a command and it's like he's lost all motivation and has no idea what to do. We also heap praise and train daily for around 30 minutes to an hour.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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