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I got my dog when she was 13 weeks old, she’s 4.5 now and I adore her – we did puppy obedience training (sit stay come and some tricks) she’s solid on these in the house but iffy outside with distractions. Entirely me being a failure at keeping up with it. Over the years though she’s added some fear/ aggression issues to her life that I tried to manage by limiting exposure to those situations or reassuring her. However it’s gotten bad enough that I now feel bad for her – I feel like she lives in fear of a lot of things, curtains blowing from a breeze, the vacuum etc. On walks she pulls and barks wildly at other dogs (not all dogs but a lot of them). She is easily distracted and will chase rabbits, cats, birds, squirrels with no intention of stopping and listening to me. I’ve contacted a trainer who’s would take her for 21 days and essentially retrain all these things and give her back to me with the solid skills and train me how to maintain. It’s a lot of money but I’m willing to do it because I’m not a dog trainer and her behaviors are too advanced for me to know how to correct. My main question is – will my dog come back with a different personality? I’m afraid that her fun loving playful self will be replaced with a no personality good listening but not playful dog. It breaks my heart to think she might not smile anymore or want to run around and play, but I also know her being in fear and having anxiety isn’t good for her either. The trainer assured me she would still have her personality and it has something to do with acceptance on her end to the training, but I just wonder what others have seen? If you’ve done this type of training?

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