Dog too boujee to potty outside

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Guys,I need your help. We have a puppy lab mix (4 months) that won't use the bathroom outiside no matter what I do. The first 2 months he's had to do his business on a puppy pad since he couldn't go outside(due to shots and not being big enough) and won't use the bathroom outside. I'd take him outside and walk around /stand with him for 20+ minutes and he will HOLD it until he gets back inside and immediately goes to the puppy pad.I've tried the sprays and moving the puppy pad outside but no luck. Any tips or tricks? Its our first dog and I really want it to go well and im tired of using my paper towels/tissue with it being scarce right now.

TLDR: Puppy won't go to bathroom outside after trying everything.He's just uppity.

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