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My year-old miniature poodle Kai and I are sheltering in place with my parents and their 10-year-old border collie mix Harley. In the beginning, we were worried that Harley would be aggressive with Kai and were very cautious about letting them spend time together. Harley is 80 pounds and has fought a pit bull and won, so he's not a shrinking violet.

For the first few weeks Kai was careful around Harley and pretty submissive. Then he got bolder–stealing food from his bowl, nipping at him to get him to play with him, etc. Harley was very patient with him and we all thought wow, this worked out better than we had hoped. The boys are good company for each other and Kai keeps Harley active and young.

The problem has emerged in just the last couple of weeks. Kai is very attached to my mom–if she's sitting on the sofa, he is right beside her. He has now started growling at Harley if he comes to my mom for attention. Last night he actually lunged at Harley when my mom went to pet him. He's also gotten very protective of his food–he is a grazer and his food can sit there untouched for a day and a half, but if Harley shows any interest in it suddenly Kai is right there, growling and snapping. But he eats out of Harley's bowl every morning!

How do I handle this? My mom adores Kai but we need him to understand Harley isn't a threat and that we can show affection to other dogs. Thanks in advance.

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